Scarlet’s Duty


[Agent Red, please report to the briefing room!]

The speaker in the agency sounded loudly, disrupting the focus of the employees. A person was running between the desks causing some of the papers to fall and fly everywhere. Her cherry-red hair was waving behind her as she was balancing between obstacles to get to the briefing room as fast as possible. She couldn’t be late! Not again!

The door opened with a little too much force.  The red-haired woman was standing in them  panting for a few moments before she entered the room. She was wearing exactly what you would expect from a female office worker – a white shirt, jacket, skirt and a pair of shiny heels. She fixed her wavy hair a little while walking towards her place at the table and finally sitting down. She glanced around the room. Besides her boss she noticed a few other characters. They seemed to be some kind of important figures.

“You were calling me sir?”

“Yes Agent Red. Thank you for not keeping us waiting this time. I would like to introduce you to your third field assignment. This one will also be your first solo mission. Are you ready to hear the details?”

“Y-yes sir!”

Red was still a rookie as far as agent experience goes. She finished her field training just recently and now she occasionally had a chance to get out of the office and see some action.

“Great. Ellen if you please..”

A tall black woman with intimidating eyes stood up.

“I’m happy to meet you, Agent Red. I heard that you were competent and successful in your previous missions. I believe that you are an asset suited for this job.”

They traded a handshake.

“My name is Ellen and I represent DTF Laboratories Incorporated. We believe that our experimental portal technology could have recently been stolen by the infamous weapons dealer by the name of Olivia. As you can probably guess, such technology can become a real danger in the wrong hands. Sadly as the system stands right now we can’t simply storm the Olivia location. We need legal proof of the criminal act before we can proceed in court. That’s where you come in Agent Red.”

“I can imagine how big of a threat such a tech could be. Of course I will be happy to help in any way I can ma’am.”

Red replied with a concerned face before her boss took the lead of the briefing once more.

“The mission is rather simple. We believe that Olivia is keeping most of the stolen assets in her private mansion. Fortunately for us she just so happened to be hiring new staff members this month. We already sent her your application for the position of a housemaid. This will allow you to move freely around the location. You will infiltrate their structures under the fake name “Scarlet”. There is one complication I have to mention though – we cannot provide you with any electronic equipment. The mansion is very secured so it’s too risky. You will need to get the target out of the location physically. I believe that’s all the details we have for now. You will find more information in the files. Can I count on you, Agent Red?”

“Yes sir! We can’t let this tech land in the wrong hands!”

“Great to hear. Good luck Red.”


A few days later Red arrived at the doorstep of Olivia’s impressive mansion. She was dressed in mostly casual clothes trying not to cause any suspicion. After all she was just a simple woman looking for a simple job with a decent pay. At least that was the character she was going to play. And what a decent pay it was indeed. Red was quite surprised how big the salary was. Not that she will ever see it for herself though… She will be long gone by then.

“Seems like being in the weapon business does pay off…”

Red whispered to herself while admiring the enormous building in front of her. She approached the massive wooden doors.

*Knock knock knock*

She soon heard a heeled step approaching. The right side opened and she saw a white-haired servant greeting her with a bow and inviting her inside. She was wearing a short black dress in a gothic lolita fashion and a pair of high-heeled boots. Red had to admit that she looked very representative and pretty.

“Uhm… I’m here for the interview? For the housemaid position?”

“But of course ma’am. My name is Elize. This way please.”

“I’m Scarlet. Thank you.”

The Gothic servant girl started to walk deeper into the house expecting the guest to follow. They passed the spacious hallway and walked through a few corridors before stopping at one of the doors.

“Please wait here.”

Servant asked and went inside, closing the doors behind her. Red could hear her steps and then some whispering but there was no way she could recognize what they were saying from behind the closed doors. Soon the girl came back and invited her inside.

“Mistress will see you now. Thank you for your patience.”

Elize said and bowed before leaving. Red went inside of what was most probably a dressing room. There were many shelves, wardrobes, drawers. All built up into the walls. Near the corner stood a tall woman. Red stared at her straight pitch-black hair falling down her shoulders until she finally heard her first words.

“Close the door behind you.”

The mysterious character ordered with a firm but casual tone. Red closed it and approached the woman that was earlier called “Mistress”. She was almost certain that it was no one else but Olivia herself. Red was expecting a little more complications meeting her, given how important and infamous she was. The tall woman stopped whatever she was doing with one of the outfits and faced her. She was wearing a long silvery silk robe hanging loosely from her shoulders. She wasn’t wearing any bra so her shapely breasts and nipples were quite visible through the thin fabric of her outfit. But the woman didn’t seem to care about that at all. Her purple eyes started examining the agent girl in front of her.


She asked without any pleasantries.

“Um.. my name is Scarlet, I’m here for a mai…”

“I know why you are here. You have to know that I demand a lot from my maids. And I award them just as greatly. Do you think you have what it takes?”

She grabbed Red’s chin and started examining her looks.

“Hmm, very symmetrical face… full lips… I do like your crimson hair. Well?”
“Yes ma’am. Thank you. I believe I can be of service, yes.”

Red had to play along. After that stupid recruitment process her mission should be a piece of cake.

“I believe you. I can offer you a contract for two months after which you will decide if we part ways or not. During this time you will be living here in the house. All your basic needs will be taken care of. Your salary will be given to you after the contract ends. Do you agree?”

“Yes ma’am.”


She opened a drawer of the near cabinet and pulled out a few pages long document.

“Sign here please.”

Red went through the pages quickly. It all didn’t matter anyway since she won’t be here longer than a two weeks tops. All she needs to do is find a few documents or other objects that prove the portal technology has been actually stolen. She added her signature on the last page and handed the papers back.

“Good. My name is Olivia but you will call me Mistress or ma’am, understood?”

Red nodded.

“Out loud.”

“Yes ma’am. Understood.”

“I hope so. Now strip off your clothes. I need to measure you.”

Red hesitated for a second but then remembered how important the mission was. Her personal pride was unimportant. She took off her blouse, pants and top. And placed it on the nearby sofa.

“All of it.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Red rolled her eyes in her thoughts. She was pretty much expecting it but didn’t want to appear too slutty for showing everything off without specifying she had to. She unhooked her bra and her medium sized breasts hung free exposing her perky nipples.
After that she pulled her panties as well and placed both of them on the clothes pile.

“You have quite a nice body, Miss Scarlet. A very shapely chest even if not the largest one.  Let me find the right size…”

Red sighed internally trying her best not to react to the creepy comment. Meanwhile Olivia started browsing through the racks for a few moments before she pulled out what she was looking for. It was a small black and white maid dress. It had laces on the back. A white pocket for the bust and a very puffy short skirt. It wasn’t particularly fancy but seemed to be of a good quality. What struck Red odd in the design was the lack of any sleeves which made the top look a little bit like a vest.

“But before we get to this – wear those.”

She opened one of the drawers and pulled out a pair of black tubes and a black ring. They turned out to be a pair of overknees and a small choker. Red took the accessories and started putting them on. She slid the choker through her head first. It was quite stretchy and soon it was sitting firmly around her neck. After that she pulled the overknee socks on her legs one after the other. They had a silicone strip on the inside so at least she could be sure they wouldn’t be slipping off. What was interesting about them was that they had two openings. One for the heels of her feet and one for her toes
“Now for the dress. Hands up.”

Red pushed her arms above her head and Olivia pulled the dress over them and then down. There was a strange sensation accompanying that, like her arms went inside a warm cloud or something. While she was figuring out what exactly that was, her new Mistress was working on the laces on her back making her new uniform tighten around her waist into a snug fit. Red felt that her breasts were not sitting correctly in the outfit’s noticeable low cut so she went ahead to fit them but… her hands somehow didn’t reach them.

“Let me give you a hand.”

She heard above her head and Olivia’s hands slid under her soft chest. Olivia groped her playfully before helping her adjust her breasts in the uniform. Red was getting really confused. She looked down and reached forward with her hands. She saw her moderate bust in the low cut of the dress but no sign of her reaching arms. She looked around the room and noticed a nearby mirror. Her eyes widened in shock. There was no way that she was seeing right! The dress indeed didn’t have any sleeves. It didn’t have any arm openings either. Her arms went into the outfit but nothing came out from the other side! She didn’t know where her arms went but there certainly wasn’t any sign of them outside of the dress. Where her upper limbs once were now was just a smooth fabric. The maid uniform looked exactly like it was designed with an armless person in mind. No sleeves, no holes, nothing! Her sides were completely covered by the smooth fabric. She desperately tried to move her now non existing arms but all she managed was to uselessly wiggle her empty shoulders.

“W… What the hell! Where are my arms!? How is this possible!?”

She started to panic.

“Don’t worry too much. They are simply… elsewhere at the moment.”

Olivia said and placed her slender hands on her shoulders. She rubbed the empty space where her limbs once were and slid her fingers further down to rest them on her hips. There was no obstacle as her sides were just a smooth featureless surface now. Olivia spoke again.

“Pretty elegant, don’t you think? I can see that you are quite impressed by my little toy. I like watching my girls struggle a little. I hope you don’t mind.”

So it was true! Olivia did steal it! And she was wearing a proof of that now! But it wasn’t enough. She needed something more solid and with a direct link.

“I. Uh… is that really necessary… ma’am?”

She turned her head around giving her employer a begging look.

“Oh, but of course. And I suggest you get used to it. I require you to wear it at all times. Understood?”

“But… How do I…”

She started but met with a sharp gaze of Olivia’s purple eyes.

“Understood ma’am…”

“Excellent. Now off you go. I have stuff to do and you do too. Elize will be taking care of you from now on.”

She gave her a firm pat in the back and went back to browsing the inventory. Red was left with nothing but shock and confusion. Part of her wanted to just escape this bullshit but she knew that her mission was far too important to just quit. Though her current situation was… complicating things. She approached the same doors she entered with. With just a few steps in that direction she could already feel how different everything was. Her shoulders felt so light without any weight attached to them. She couldn’t balance properly without her upper limbs as well. Everything felt just… wrong.

She reached the door and hit it hard with her head as her muscle memory failed her completely. She was planning on pushing in the handle with her hand but quickly forgot that now she couldn’t really do it so easily. She swallowed her pride and raised her leg to push it with her knee which reminded her that she still wasn’t wearing any underwear at the moment. And her skirt was quite short…

After a few unsuccessful attempts she finally managed to open the door. She pushed it further with her forehead and stepped outside of the dressing room. She turned back and saw Olivia still being busy inside not paying any attention to her new maid’s struggle. Red gave her a vengeful look and pushed the doors with her hips closing them up. Time to finally start her mission. If she’ll manage…

Chapter 1 – Rookie

Agent Red, currently known as Scarlet the maid, was wandering through corridors trying to find Elize, who she assumed to be Olivia’s personal butler. She was still adjusting to walking without her upper limbs to balance. Hopefully she will be able to get this cursed maid uniform soon. There were so many doors she was passing by, some looked more important than others. Looks like she will have a lot of ground to cover. Finally after about half an hour of walking through the elegant halls she spotted the butler girl walking out from one of the rooms. Red sped up her steps and started walking towards her. She immediately felt incredibly stupid imagining how she must have been looking when running somewhere without any arms.

“Ekhm… Elize! Please wait up!”

She called her so she would notice her approaching.

“It’s “Miss Elize” for you.”

Looks like the moment Red became the housemaid the hierarchy changed and the butler girl stopped being so polite towards her. Well… something she could have been expecting…

“Yes Miss.”

She nodded her red-haired head.

“Good. Mistress already told me that I will be taking care of you today. Follow me, I will show you your room.”

She commanded and went deeper into the corridor. Red followed. They climbed up the stairs to the first floor and started walking between the numbered doors until they stopped at number 79.

“This is yours. Remember the number please. You should find everything you need inside. Meet me in the main hall at the next full hour.”

With those words she turned around and walked away leaving Red alone facing the doors. Once more our agent was facing the challenge of opening them without arms. It was so frustrating! Normally she would just grab the handle and that would be it. But with her empty shoulders all she could do was once again operate with her knee until she managed to push it down. There was one problem though. The handle was in the opening position but the doors wouldn’t budge. Did it mean… she had to pull them!? She groaned in anger and continued struggling until she was finally able to both push the handle and pull the doors at the same time. She sighed with relief and pulled them some more to be able to slide inside the room.

The room was fairly large with the bed right in the center, a wardrobe on the left and passage to the next room on the right to which she assumed would be the bathroom. She turned around to close the doors behind her and was once again taking some time to do so. She was pissed off that something so simple could be so hard because of that stupid maid uniform. She had to take this thing off! She couldn’t stand being so limited! She started to twist her torso in an attempt to throw the dress off of her but it didn’t budge at all. She was wiggling her smooth shoulders helplessly trying to loosen it up. Still nothing. She tried to wiggle out of it by laying in the bed but it felt like it was glued to her body. Once the laces of the built corset were tightened there was no way she could struggle out of it on her own. Maybe if she would find something sharp? She sighed in resignation. She had to admit defeat for the time being. She was laying on the bed for a few moments breathing heavily from all this effort. After she calmed down a bit she tried to feel her arms. She could still sense them but she wasn’t sure if they were responding to her commands. All she managed to do was shake her shoulders a little bit.  The cloudy feeling of whatever dimension they were in was still present.

She glanced at the clock above her bed. Oh crap! It was time to go! She jumped on her feet and almost lost her balance. She still wasn’t used to the new weight distribution. She rushed to the door and managed to open them fairly quickly. Perhaps it was actually a good decision to mount the doors in this particular direction. She got out and pressed them closed with her butt before rushing through the corridor and downstairs to the main hall. Once she was there she saw a few characters vanishing behind the corner. Judging by the colors of their outfits they were the other maids but she didn’t have enough time to give them a closer look. She spotted Elize staring right at her as she was approaching.

“Barely punctual. Not a great sign for a first day.”

“Hufff… I’m sorry Miss…”

She panted.

“Well, I hope you are. As for your task for today you will be cleaning the kitchen. Follow.”

Red started to walk behind her as they were going through the main hallway to a huge dining room and from there finally to the destination. The kitchen was quite big, clearly made for multiple people working all at once. Elize gestured her to stop,  opened one of the cabinets and took out a bucket, cloth and a bottle of detergent.

“This will be your only task for today. After that you can go back to your room.”

She said, placing the bucket and the rest of the equipment on the floor.

“But how am I…? Can you help me take this uniform off then?”

“Of course not. What’s a maid without a uniform? That’s why you have access to your toes. And I get that you are new here but it’s “Miss” or “Madam” for you.”

“Yes Miss.”

Red quickly corrected herself.

“Thank you Miss!”

She hated every second of it but she had to maintain the appearances. She had to keep this stupid roleplay up for the time being, at least until she can figure out how to proceed with her mission.

Elize gave her one last look and left Red alone in the kitchen with the washing equipment. Looks like it was time to start. First step was to fill that bucket with water. Fortunately there was a hose attached to one of the kitchen faucets. Red slid the bucket through the tiles with her foot and put the hose inside. She bent over to the sink and opened the faucet up by manipulating it with her chin. Success! Normally it would be a three second task. Now it felt like some proud accomplishment which actually worried her a little.

Next was the detergent. She sat on the floor and tried to pick it up with her feet. Up until now she never realized how inflexible her feet and toes were. Taking the cap of the bottle took her countless attempts but she was able to squeeze the detergent into the bucket in the end. Now for the main part. She grabbed the cloth with her toes and threw it into the soapy water to sink in. She stood up and using her feet began to clean the tiles up one after the other. She still had problems with squeezing the water off the cloth but after a few times she was getting slightly better at it. Now she only had to clean this whole place up…

About 6 hours later she was finally done. Without her arms it took her much more time than necessary but at least she put the mundane task behind her. She left the kitchen and was about to go to her room when she realized that she could actually use this opportunity to explore the house a little bit more. She went through the hallway and around the main corridors to get an idea of the general plan of the house. She probably would explore even more but after so many hours of using her legs to wash the floor and furniture she felt simply too tired. She finally reached the entrance of her room and barely had the strength to struggle with the doors again. After some effort she went in, closed the door and flopped right on the bed. Everything hurt. She didn’t even notice when she fell asleep…

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