Scarlet’s Duty

Chapter 3 – The Bath

Red woke up groggily. Her jaw was still sore from the cleaning the day before. She sat on the bed and dreamed of rubbing her eyes, which sadly was not possible without any arms attached to her shoulders. She once again made a check. They were still in the pocket dimension of her sleeveless maid outfit. They were right? She couldn’t tell for sure but they seemed a little bit less responsive than before. She tried to move them again. The warm feeling around them was still there. It was like she was moving her arms through warm clouds but the movement felt very slow and limited. She sighed. She has to take this stupid dress as soon as possible.

Red stood up, went to her bathroom and tried her best to make herself ready for the day. After that she went straight to the dining hall where she met Zoey again. She once again used her help with eating and they went to their duties. This time Elize made her work with an unfamiliar maid named Susan. She was very pretty and tall with long blonde hair that Elize helped her to put into a ponytail. They were ordered to polish the granite floors of the entry hall. Susan was definitely less talkative than Zoey was (even though they weren’t able to talk much the day before for… obvious reasons). She seemed to be in a good mood though as she was humming some happy tune.

That went for a few hours until they were left off to dinner. Red’s toes hurt from holding the rag for so long. After dinner they finished the job and Elize let them have the rest of the afternoon off. Red used that time to try struggling out of the restraining dress but her attempts once again turned out to be completely useless with her corset tightened up behind her back. She gave up for today and strolled through the mansion before she went to her room and fell asleep. It was a dull day…

Another day was very similar. She went to eat breakfast. This time she tried to use her own feet to hold the cutlery and almost managed to do it! She once again was assigned a job by the butler girl Elize – this time it was changing the sheets in some of the rooms and she was going to do that alone so once again – no conversation. She pushed the empty bin through the hallway, pulled the dirty sheets off the beds with her toes and struggled to throw them into the container. Then it was even more of a struggle to stretch a clean one over the mattress. It was a very tricky task but she was slowly getting better at using her feet. After the dinner break she finished, pushed the cart to the laundry room and went straight to bed.

The rest of the week was mostly the same. Wake up. Practice eating breakfast on your own. Get assigned to a task. Work. Eat. Work. Sleep. The weekend came before she knew it. Red was exhausted after the whole week of hard work. Her legs weren’t used to so much stress and now were killing her! At least her shoulders were starting to feel more relaxed than at the beginning.


She woke up Saturday morning and heard giggles and excited chatter. She left her room and saw a few maids walking down the hallway. They seemed to be in a very good mood.

“Hey uh…! Is anything special happening today?”

Red asked them and came closer to the group of four girls.

“Oh you are the new one! Yeah! Today is the bath day!”

She said it was going to be a good enough explanation. She realized that it wasn’t enough when Red gave her a confused look.

“Oh you will see, it’s very nice. And it’s kind of an… initiation for the new girls.”

Said the other mysteriously. Red raised her eyebrow but didn’t say anything. Does this mean she will finally be able to take this cursed armless dress off?! She decided to join the group and they all went together to eat breakfast. After the meal they went straight ahead to the baths. At least the other girls did because Red was stopped by Elize.

“Scarlet! Stop, please. This time it’s your turn to collect the dishes.”

She called her by her fake name and ordered.

“Yes Miss…”

Red hanged her head. After about an hour she was finally done with the task. Elize patiently waited for her in the meanwhile.

“Very good. Let me escort you to the baths now.”

Red was not expecting her to be so nice. She agreed and followed her. As they were getting closer she could already hear the water, chatter and girly laughs. Elize opened the doors and revealed a large dressing room. At the end of it were matte glass sliding doors. Red could already see the blurry naked bodies walking behind them. Elize led her right to them and kneeled in front of her.

“I will help you undress. Your leg please.”

She gestured towards her thigh. Red obediently raised her leg and Elize stretched the silicone pad of her toeless overknee to pull it off. She did the same for her other leg. Red didn’t realize how much comfort it would bring her to take them off. They were pressing against her thigh for a full week. Elize went behind her and slid her fingers under the stretchy choker around the redhead’s neck. She pulled it through her head and the ocean of her wavy scarlet-colored hair. Red felt as she began to work on the lacing of her corset. It was happening! She was finally getting off this devious outfit sealing her arms! Well… at least for the bath that is. The lacing was becoming loose and soon Elize grabbed the fabric of the dress and started pulling it up through Red’s head. The maid felt the cold air touching her naked body for the first time in a while. It was such a relief! Elize slid the glass door open and slapped her naked butt pushing her forward into the baths. Red looked behind her with a mix of embarrassment and confusion only to see the butler girl winking at her and closing the glass door back. Red shrugged and stretched. It was so good to finally be free from the portal dress! She reached to caress her breasts for the first time in many days. Her arms still felt very cloudy and numb even after taking them out of the pocket dimension. But her touch never reached her breasts. She looked down confused. She saw the perky nipples on her moderate breasts, her smooth naked legs with red marks from the silicone pads, but her shoulders… they were round, smooth and… empty! Her arms were not there anymore! They were completely gone. She wiggled her limbless shoulder uselessly in a desperate attempt to move her non-existent arm. The numb feeling she felt was not going away and she only now realized that any sensation from her arms that she thought she had must have been gone for days now! She thought she was going to cry as she moved her torso helplessly and twitching her shoulders. She was armless! Completely armless! There was no sign on her body that she ever had any arms in her life. There was no scar, no joint, not even any discoloration, only smooth featureless skin. She looked like she was born that way! It was different than before. Before she thought that it was just a temporary inconvenience but now a new reality was finally setting in. She was stuck like that! Permanently! How long was her contract? She browsed her memories trying to remember. Two months. Two months stuck as a completely armless maid servant! And what after that? Will she be just sent home without her arms?

“Hey are you ok hun? Scarlet?”

It was Susan. Red stopped panicking and looked up. The taller blonde girl was looking at her with a worried face. She was able to stop the redhead’s thought train for at least a moment. It didn’t take long for Red to see Susan’s shoulders. They were empty and smooth. Just like hers! She finally looked around and realized. All of the girls. All of them. They were armless! Their shoulders were completely devoid of any limbs like they were born this way. Red noticed that some of them even had tattoos there. Did they have them before or were those made later on? She had no idea. She saw them talking casually, bathing, enjoying the hot water and helping each other with the hygiene. This was real! For them this was just a normal Saturday!

“I know it’s always hard to finally see the actual effect of the dress. Trust me Scarlet, we’ve all been there.”

Susan came closer and pressed her chest against Red’s which was the closest equivalent of a hug that armless girls like them could be capable of. At least it worked and the new maid calmed down a bit.

“You stink you know? Let’s get you cleaned up. Come join us.”

Susan stopped “hugging” her and gestured with her head towards one of the smaller pools. Red saw Zoey there which noticed her too and waved with her shoulder awkwardly.

“Hey Scarlet! How are you feeling? It’s been a while!”

She seemed as positive as always. Red noticed that she had tattoos too. In this case it was a small bat drawing on each of her shoulders.

“Uh.. not great but.. I’ll get over it. Eventually.”

Red replied. She still saw the end of it being her completing the mission and getting out of this place. It will just be.. harder. She used a few steps to lower herself into the hot water of the pool and sat on the underwater bench. The water lever was around just where her armpits would be, one third of her chest sticking out of the water.

“Uh I’m sorry. But it’s not that bad really! You’ll see! It can be quite fun actually!”

Zoey tried to cheer her up but she saw it wasn’t working that well so she positioned herself in front of her and looked her in the eyes. Red was caught off guard by that and didn’t know how to react. The intense stare made her start blushing for some reason. Perhaps one of them being her naked body.

“W-what? … What do you want, Zoey?”

“You have really cute tits, you know Scarlet?”

Zoey shot an unexpected comment.

“I knew they were nice but now seeing them up close… they are really nice, you know? And so pointy…”

Red’s face became the color of her name as she was burning with embarrassment.

“Uh… t-thank you?”

Zoey shortened the gap between them and kissed Red in the cheek. Red felt her hard nipples brushing against her chest delicately as she got closer. She wanted it. She didn’t realize it herself until now but Zoey somehow felt it with her sixth sense. Red looked her in the eyes and bent over to kiss her. Their lips pressed against each other in a loving embrace. They enjoyed this moment for a while until Zoey pulled her face away and started lowering herself to Red’s chest. Her nipples were standing as erect as they could get. Zoey pushed her face against the softness and her lips wrapped around the areola. Red moaned softly when she felt her tongue playing with the pointy nipple. Her teeth gave it a gentle bite as she started to suck on it. Her face buried in Red’s large chest humming in pleasure. She switched to the other breast and gave it just as much attention. Red wanted to hug her, to touch her hair but she only twitched her shoulders uselessly. Now she truly felt how limiting the lack of arms was in this intimate situation. But Zoey didn’t seem to mind. She was lovingly sucking Red’s nipples and squeezing her boobs with her face. It was hot. Red felt hot. And she wanted more.

“Zoey.. aaah.. um. Can you.. Could you go lower?”

Red asked, sitting on the edge of the pool spreading her legs and revealing her womanhood. She could find in herself to look Zoey in the eye asking that so she was staring at the ground instead.

“I’m sorry Scarlet. I can’t. We can’t. Only the Mistress is allowed to play with us that way.”

She explained. That damned Olivia! – Red thought. She knew what she was doing wasn’t she? This was torture! It wasn’t that bad now but Red knew that it would only get worse. And without her arms it is impossible for her to masturbate! And now it appears that being pleasured by someone else was taken away from them as well?! She was so ready after teasing her breasts and now she was simply left hanging. Zoey was clearly too afraid of the Mistress’s wrath to go any further and Red could only assume that it would be the same story with all the other maids. Not that she would feel comfortable to ask…

“I’m really sorry! I just wanted to… you are so beautiful and I felt that…”

Zoey started apologizing.

“It’s ok Zoey. It’s not your fault.”

Red went back into the water and hesitated for a moment before touching her shoulders with her own in a “hug”. Zoey placed her chin on the side of her neck and embraced the warm skin to skin contact. They both calmed down.

Afterwards Zoey washed Red using her feet and a sponge. It felt great to be clean after the whole week of getting dirty. After that they switched and the redhead helped the other maid with the same. The most tricky was washing the hair. Fortunately Zoey’s were only above-shoulder long. Red was the tricky one since her head was a crimson wavy ocean of hair. Zoey managed somehow though. It seemed that it’s been a long time since she became armless because she was excellent in using her feet to do things. Perhaps she would even be able to give Red braids later?

They relaxed in the warm water for a while longer until it was finally time to get out. They all went to the dressing room and to their lockers that had the same numbers as their living quarters. Fortunately they were placed lower than usual so the armless girls like them wouldn’t have any problems reaching to them with their legs. Red found locker number 79 and opened it. Inside was a clean maid uniform, a pair of black overknees, and a pair of black shiny high heels. This time the shoes were noticeably much taller than her previous ones. Red pulled the outfit out with her toes and placed it on the bench. It was different from the previous one. A very similar design but with some visibly different detailing. The biggest difference was the built-in corset. This time it was very loose and baggy so it seemed that the dress would be easy to slide upon herself using gravity alone. Looking at the other maids as an example confirmed her theory. Following their steps she wiggled her head under the skirt and stood up. She shook her armless torso until the dress started to slide down her body and finally stopped on her shoulders. It adjusted itself quite well but was very baggy. Will Elize tighten them up later? Her bigger concern was the overknees. How the hell would she put them on? She saw other maids and they were simply using their legs. They twisted the silicone pad side out and slid them on flipping the pads back on the skin once they were high enough. Quite smart actually – she thought. She tried that herself but she was very far from being that flexible.

“Need some help Scarlet?”

It was Zoey already in the complete uniform. She looked so cute in it.

“Y-yeah… I can’t put those socks on.”

Red admitted. Zoey kneeled and stretched her legs helping her slip them on. She really was used to her lack of arms. Everything she did seemed completely natural for her. And she didn’t seem to be bothered at all. Well… none of the maids did actually.

“Thank you Zoey. Listen… today… I didn’t mean that as… you know…”

Red started. She didn’t want things to be awkward between them.

“It’s fine, Scarlet. It really is. We are still friends and just friends. “Favors” like that are less uncommon here than you think. I like you. We don’t need to commit to anything so don’t worry.”

She said basically exactly what Red wanted to hear. Her heart felt so much lighter now. Zoey finished with the socks and slipped her feet back into the high heels. Red did the same and finally felt how high they were this time. Her feet were bent almost in a straight line with her calves. She made a few hesitant steps but more or less managed. She could already imagine how her feet were going to hurt after walking in them for a longer period of time. Clicking their new shoes against the hard floor they joined the group of maids outside.

The moment Red and Zoey walked past the door the built-in corsets of their dresses automatically tightened themselves around their bodies in a snug fit, nicely exposing their waists and pushing their chests into the front pocket more firmly. So they were automatic now! That meant that she still couldn’t take it off without being allowed to do so. Not that it mattered anymore since her arms were no longer just teleported somewhere but completely erased from existence.

Elize met them outside the baths and ordered them to stand in a line.

“Hello ladies. Some of you probably noticed a change in your heel height. If you did  – this means that you were chosen by the Mistress for an honorable representative job at the ball a month from now. Your new shoes are for you to train your feet since you will be expected to walk flawlessly that day. Wear them every day for this next month please. That will be all, you may go to the dining hall now. Thank you.”

So Red was one of the chosen few? At least Zoey was too so she won’t be completely alone during that stupid ball. After eating dinner and doing some small tasks, the girls went to their quarters. Red entered her room and she felt the dress becoming loose again. She could take it off now on her own! So that’s how it worked. They were untightening themselves only in designated areas. She had to admit that no matter how much she hated Ventres this was a smart idea. She slid the dress off through her head and went to the bathroom. It was the big moment. She closed her eyes and stepped in front of the mirror. She hesitated for almost a minute but finally opened her eyes back and looked at her reflection. The girl looking back at her was still her. A head full of red hair, modest bust, not a bad face and lastly… round armless shoulders. She twisted her torso looking at it from both sides and saw no evidence of her arms. She wiggled her shoulder in front of the mirror and saw how helpless she looked. She became even more frustrated by her new disability now that she knew it was permanent for the foreseeable future. She couldn’t touch her face, her body, she couldn’t scratch her fucking nose! She wanted to punch something but was able to only twitch her shoulders in anger. It took a moment but after she calmed down she layed on the bed too emotionally tired to do anything else. She fell asleep fairly fast thinking about the memories from the baths. Her being licked and caressed, unable to resist and push someone away, depending on them to deliver her any pleasure. She rubbed her thighs together as she got unwillingly excited. Her dreams that night were going to be just a little bit wet.