Scarlet’s Duty

Chapter 4 – Dolled Up

It’s been a full month since Red became an armless maid.

She felt so hopeless at first,  but as the time went on she slowly adjusted to her new condition. She was able to do more and more things using her feet, but the options remained rather… limited. She was able to more or less function without her arms, but there was this constant itch of something missing. A constant urge to use her arms that left only the feeling of awkward void instead. The simplest tasks became extremely hard or straight up impossible. She appreciated the accessibility and solutions that the maid quarters had but the inability to even scratch her nose remained very frustrating.

She was clicking her new higher heels against the marble floors as she hurried to do yet another work. Days were passing by one after the next, each of them full of smaller or bigger tasks. This past week was so much different than the days before. Ever since she finally found out that her arms were permanently gone she completely shifted her attitude. It was no longer a temporary state. She had to learn how to live without her upper limbs. How to clean, wash, pick things up and manipulate tools – all of those using only her feet, or in some cases – her mouth. It was not an easy task but she was slowly progressing. It was her only hope. If she will be able to complete her mission and the investigation then there might be a chance to get out of here! If not, then…will she be stuck like that even when the contract ends?

Aside from her newly acquired “limitation” there was another growing problem – she was getting horny. The fact that all of the maids were running around pantieless, with their naked crotches feeling the breeze of cold air at all times – her included – wasn’t helping. And with her current state there was no way for her to pleasure herself. It was extremely frustrating to be unable to do something so basic and simple as touching herself. Usually she masturbated every three days or so, sometimes more often and sometimes less. But now it’s been two full weeks! And the worst part was that her helplessness and forced chastity – as much as she didn’t want to admit it – was turning her on even more.


Red heard Elize calling her.

“Yes Ma’am?”

“Please come to my quarters once you finish your shift. It’s important.”

“Understood, I’ll be there Ma’am.”

“Good. Now feel free to go back to your duties, have a good day dear.”

Elize nodded and dismissed her before turning around and walking away. The rest of the day went on fairly smoothly. Fortunately this time Red had only the lighter tasks so she wasn’t super tired once she finished. As promised earlier – after a small meal she went directly to the butler’s quarters. Elize welcomed her and invited her inside. It was the first time the girl could see her room. It was quite big. Much bigger than the ones that maids had – as expected. There was a living room and a few doors leading to some other rooms. Elize led here inside one of them which turned out to be a dressing room. All the walls were covered by wooden shelves and cabinets full of clothes, choes, all kinds of gear and accessories.

“You have a special assignment for tonight. Mistress requested a night with you. We need to prepare you for her.”

Elize said it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Wh… uh Ma’am, sorry but what? A night… with me?”

Red was caught by surprise and was looking at the butler with a confused face.

“Yes. I believe that it doesn’t really require any more explanation?”

“N-no… I suppose it doesn’t but… wh…”

“No “but’s”. You should be thankful for being picked by the Mistress.”

She said and took some kind of remote. She clicked a few buttons to enter a serial number and soon Red’s automatic dress loosened itself becoming possible to be taken off. Elize stepped closer and started helping the redheaded girl undress. Once the dress was off her first reflex was to cover herself but such luxury was currently impossible for obvious reasons. She was forced to simply stand there completely exposed.

Red started to process what she just heard. She was going to spend the night with Olivia? It sounded so surreal that she couldn’t believe it for a moment. It seemed like such a humiliating scenario. But what choice did she have? She could start protesting but that would only buy her some kind of punishment or really shitty duties. In the best case scenario it would only prolong the moment of being chosen for such a thing again. But perhaps it was also an opportunity? Perhaps there was something useful in Olivia’s chambers? Perhaps surrendering her body would bring her a step closer to finally finishing her mission and getting out of here? She was looking for a chance to visit this unavailable room for a month now. This could be the chance she was looking for!

“Please follow me.”

Elize ordered her and she obediently followed until them both were in a white and quite spacious bathroom. Red felt painfully naked as she was standing in front of the butler girl. Her cheeks were burning with embarrassment and her lack of arms definitely wasn’t helping. Being the only one naked while Elize was still fully clothed in her goth-ish attire was making the feeling of humiliation even  stronger. The inequality in their clothes was also a very apparent symbol of hierarchy. Elize was above Red in importance and such treatment was making it very clear to the armless girl.

“Sit here and spread your legs.”

Elize pointed at a nearby seat. Red almost protested but bit her tongue at the last moment. It probably wouldn’t be very wise to complain. And it’s not like she could really do anything to stop Elize from doing whatever she was about to do. She obediently sat on the cold surface of the bathroom seat and spread her legs showing her exposed sex. A month ago she would never in her wildest dreams imagine spreading her legs for someone’s butler. But now it was different. Things changed. Day after day she was functioning without her arms, living through her maid duties and adjusting to her new position. Red from a month ago would protest and storm out, but the experiences of the present “Scarlet” were making all the difference.

Elize opened a nearby drawer. Taking a pair of rubber gloves she kneeled between Red’s legs and started examining her pussy. She touched her crotch, stretched her folds and even started probing it with her fingers. The armless maid moaned involuntarily as she experienced the first stimulation in weeks since she joined the mansion’s staff. She didn’t want to admit how horny she already was but her own sex betrayed her as her crotch quickly became dripping wet. She realized that she actually enjoyed it a lot so she whimpered with disappointment when Elize suddenly stopped. It was so frustrating to be denied even that small piece of pleasure!

“Good. Eagerness will be very welcome tonight. Please keep your legs apart.”

The white haired butler ordered and reached to the drawer pulling out a tube of cream. She carefully applied a generous portion on her gloved hand and pressed it against Red’s pubic hair. She started massaging the cold cream around all of her visible bush and after a few moments the maid girl could feel it warming up. Elize ordered her to wait like that for a few minutes after which she brought a bowl of water and poured it right between her legs. All of Red’s pubes swam away along with the liquid running down her womanhood.

“This cream should work for at least a few months. Mistress usually prefers to play with the clean shaved girls.”

She explained. Red was forcing herself to stay silent and simply nodded. Even though it technically shouldn’t be a big deal in comparison to the previous events she felt extremely violated. Her “Mistress” was deciding about her body for her and it was not a comfortable thought. But at the same time she couldn’t deny her own internal submissive curiosity. Through those weeks of servitude in a state of permanent bondage she learned about how arousing it was to be helpless. Even when she decided to keep lying to herself..

“Now we need to wash you. Please go under the shower Scarlet.”

Elize stopped her train of thoughts and gave her a pat in the back pushing her in the designated place. She helped her with the shower, especially the head. Butler’s delicate hands were caressing her body as the warm water was running through her skin. Her thighs, her hips, her chest and back. All was massaged thoroughly with soap. In her head she begged for the hands to stop between her legs. To slide down and satisfy an itch she was unable to satisfy herself. She wanted them to go up. To caress her medium sized breasts. To pinch her nipples. To squeeze her flesh. But Elize did not do any of that. She focused solely on cleaning her up, and nothing more. After drying her up she started to comb her long, deeply red hair. It actually felt very nice to be taken care of for once. For a short moment Red forgot about her duties as an agent and as a maid. She could just enjoy the sensation of someone nursing her.

“You have very beautiful hair, Scarlet. I’m glad that Mistress decided to keep them.”

Again with the reminder about where Red was in the hierarchy. Even her hair wasn’t hers to decide?!

Elize seemed to be finished because she stood up and went near the door before stopping.

“Wait here a moment. I need to bring a few things.”

Red used the opportunity to stand up, stretch (as much as she could) and stop in front of the mirror. She saw herself again. Her hair was very nicely combed indeed. Some of the strands were brushing against the skin of her round and empty shoulders. It was an odd sensation that she was still far from being used to. She frowned and soon heard the gothic butler coming back.

Elize entered the bathroom carrying a small container which she placed on the nearby cabinet. Red couldn’t see what was inside yet but was just about to find out. The first thing that the butler pulled out was a… sport’s bra. It was almost skin colored, only slightly more gray-ish. It was suspiciously… normal. Elize came closer and pulled the small piece of clothing through her head, then stretched it and slid it past her limbless shoulders. She pulled it over Red’s shapely B cup breasts and it snapped snuggly against her torso. The moment that her breasts went inside the bra she could feel what could only be described as immersing them in some kind of wet goo. She twitched from the sensation a little confused as to why it even felt this way. Looking down quickly revealed exactly why that was. Her breasts were… gone. Her chest was now completely flat! Was this bra another pocket dimension clothing? But it felt nowhere close to her armless dress. When her arms went into the portal that made them vanish, it felt like immersing them in warm clouds. This was different. It felt so wet and sticky in comparison.

“As you probably just noticed – this bra is another of Mistress’s inventions. You will be wearing it until you meet her tonight.”

“Y-yes Maam. But what does it do?”

Scarlet asked, really worried about her breasts being stored in another shady portal.

“I’m instructed to prepare you with those specific items. Mistress might answer all your questions later.”

Elize replied coldly and reached inside the container to pull out another item. This time it was a thick black leather collar with a big metal d-ring on the front.


Red didn’t stop herself from commenting which met with the calm piercing gaze of the butler girl.

“Turn around please.”

She replied with an order and placed the leather strap against throat. She tightened it up and soon it fit snugly around her neck. Red felt the cold metal d-ring resting on her collarbones. Even though the collar wasn’t locked in any way it was impossible to remove it without her arms so she was stuck with it until someone else took it off of her.

“Not too tight?”

“Uh.. no, I think it’s fine…”

“Great. Now please sit again. I also have a pair of stockings for you.”

Elize asked and Red obediently placed her bare ass on the chair before lifting one of her legs for the goth butler. Elize kneeled and pulled a long fishnet stocking ending around the middle of the thigh. As previously those also had silicone pads so there was no risk of them sliding down on their own. Then she repeated the action with the other leg. Scarlet could only imagine how slutty she was looking right now with a collar around her neck and sexy lingerie on her legs. But it wasn’t over just yet. Elize took a small toolbox which turned out to be a makeup set and sat face to face with the armless girl. She used some powder for the base, some deep eyeshadow, then carefully proceeded with the eyeliner. Red saw some sparkly substance as well which went on her eyelids. Finally Elize chose one of the darker lipsticks and applied it on Scarlet’s lips. With that the makeup was finished. She closed the toolbox and picked up the comb again. She split red’s hair on two sides with the exception of her bangs and then tightened them into firm pigtails. After that she took a step back and carefully examined her handiwork. She nodded with satisfaction to herself and guided Red towards the mirror. The armless girl finally could see exactly how she looked after the whole makeover.

Her shapely legs were covered in long overknee fishnet stockings that guided the eyes right to her completely exposed and hairless pussy which she couldn’t cover no matter how hard she would try to. Then she saw her torso. Her lack of arms was one thing but now the dimensional sport’s bra was wrapped around her chest making it completely flat. There was no bump or roundness, just a flat boyish chest. She sighed and looked at her face. Her hair was fresh and well combed into a pair of red pigtails making her look extra slutty and girly. At least her makeup was quite tasteful. Elize definitely did a great job there. Her eyes were beautifully contoured with the heavy shadows and lines along with shiny glitter apparent with her every blink. Her lips turned into a smile seeing how sexy her face could actually be. Red usually never wore heavier makeup due to her job and was not used to such a daring style. She looked like a doll. A beautiful and sexy doll. She knew she shouldn’t be happy in her current situation but she couldn’t deny that seeing herself looking that attractive sparked some joy deep in her core. She felt so hot and it made her think about other hot things like touching another person. Not a friendly one. An intimate one. Suddenly the premise of spending a night with an attractive woman stopped sounding so bad. Even if it was going to be her “enemy”.

The happy moment passed when her eyes went lower to remind herself about her complete lack of the upper limbs. She twitched her shoulders uncomfortably. She missed her arms so much. Even though she was getting better and better at doing things with her legs she was still getting frustrated over how hard things that would normally take just a second were. And it was all Olivia’s fault! She wanted to be mad. She knew she should but for some unknown reason she didn’t feel like it was the worst that could happen. She was really confused about her feelings at this moment.

“You look great in my humble opinion. What do you think?”

Elize stopped her train of thoughts. Scarlet gave her an actual honest smile.

“You did an amazing job Eli… Maam! I don’t think I ever wore makeup this nice.”

She replied, meeting with Elize’s eyes in the reflection of the mirror.

“I’m glad you like it. I’m sure the Mistress will love it as well! Honestly I would play with you myself if I could.”

Scarlet blushed a little. She was pretty sure that the butler wasn’t lying when saying that. After letting the armless girl examine herself in the mirror Elize guided her from the bathroom to her bedroom.

“Please kneel in front of the bed and lay on your chest.”

She instructed. Was Elize actually planning on playing with her? There was no way right? But it definitely looked like it. Scarlet really wouldn’t mind being played with right now. The tension was really high for her after all those examinations, depilations and other very sensual and direct interactions they just had in the bathroom. The armless girl eagerly kneeled and leaned onto the sheets. It felt really odd for two reasons. One was obviously the lack of her arms so she couldn’t support herself or push herself back up, and the other was her new bra. Normally she would feel her breasts pressing against the mattress but now her chest was flat as a board. She let out a soft grunt as she realized both of those things. She heard Elize reaching out for something and a moment later she felt her hand softly caressing her exposed butt. Then a second hand joined and the butler pleasantly squeezed her asscheeks. It was really happening! Scarlet bit her lip, she pushed her hips higher in anticipation. Elize continued to play with her shapely bottom massaging and stretching those firm buttocks. Scarlet could already feel how ready she was getting down there. Suddenly the butler stopped playing with her rear and a moment later something cold and wet went right between her asscheeks. Elize slid her finger between them and spread the added lube around the girl’s anus. Scarlet gasped loudly when the goth girl’s thumb entered her tight hole. The finger continued to play and tease her spreading the lube around and inside. The armless girl felt a few more drops of the slippery liquid being added before something colder pressed between her cheeks. She already knew what it was. A shiny metal buttplug  was slowly stretching her ass inch after inch. When it was reaching the point of being almost painful, Scarlet’s tight and slippery pucker suddenly wrapped itself around the thin base of the plug, locking the sizable toy inside. The girl moaned in pleasure and surprise when the plug finally set itself in.

“I’m glad you enjoy it. We are almost done here.”

Elize said with her usual emotionless tone and pressed a tissue between Scarlet’s legs wiping her pussy and ass from the remaining lube. Another interaction between them ended in the armless girl’s disappointment. She was yet again being teased only to get nothing in the end. It was almost cruel at this point. Scarlet breathed heavily for a few moments until finally calming down and clumsily getting up.

“Mistress will see you soon. You may relax for a moment, I’ll be right back.”

Elize informed her. Somehow Red felt a tingle of excitement instead of fear or unease. She rubbed her thighs together in sexual frustration. The plug was filling up her butt causing both discomfort and pleasure. Huge. Impossible to ignore and impossible to take out on her own without any arms. This only magnified the feeling of helplessness which turned out to be really arousing for her lately.

After a while Elize finally came back. She was carrying a tray with two cups of steaming beverages. Scarlet recognized the smell of tea. She placed both of them on the nearby coffee table. One of them had a metal straw.

Scarlet joined the butler girl and sat on the small pouf on the other side of the table. She still felt kind of stupid for being the only one who was almost completely naked. She leaned over and sipped the drink a little.

“Aw, aw! Hot!”


Elize let out a small chuckle. Scarlet looked up and saw her hiding a smile. It was the first time she saw her smile. Elize was always very professional, serious and calm. Almost emotionless. Was it the tea that let her relax? Or perhaps she started to feel more comfortable around Scarlet now?