Scarlet’s Duty

Chapter 5 – The Mistress

Scarlet’s painted lips parted with the metal straw that allowed her to drink the warm tea in front of her. It’s been around half an hour since Mistress’s butler made the hot beverages. Armless girl tried to spark a conversation during that time but Elize was not the greatest person for smalltalk so they mostly just enjoyed their drinks in silence. Scarlet shifted her seated bottom uncomfortably as the huge buttplug continued to tease and stretch her hole.

“Um… How long until we go see… The Mistress?”

Scarlet asked while pushing her smooth shoulders a little forward. At first she didn’t want to have anything to do with the evil Olivia – their “Mistress” – especially on the intimate level. But now – she couldn’t think of anything else. She was being teased, naked and sexually frustrated. If she could only… reach… and touch herself. Unfortunately for her the armlessness was a very effective chastity device.

“Just a bit more. Do you need anything while we wait?”

Elize asked. Scarlet shook her head and sighed. This was torture. She was so hot already and she knew that she was just moments away from making a questionable love.

A minute after minute passed. Each of them longer than the last. After another half an hour which felt like eternity Elize finally stood up.

“We can go now.”

She said shortly and opened a wardrobe near the door. She pulled out a long and shiny black cloth. Scarlet stood up and groaned as the plug inside her ass got compressed by the straight up position. She slowly stepped towards Elize. The butler girl wrapped the black silk around her and tied a neat bow on the front. The delicate material weighed almost nothing and was brushing calmy against her smooth sides. It was a long silk cape hanging from her shoulders and reaching to her knees. It mostly covered her front hanging flat on her non-existent chest. Normally her nipples would poke through the thin material but with them vanishing inside the wormhole bra this was not the issue. Anyone observant would be able to see her naked body in the frontal gap though. Elize placed a pair of the usual high heels in front of the armless girl. Scarlet obediently stepped into the extreme shoes and now was standing a few inches higher.

“So you won’t get too many stares in case we pass anyone.”

The butler explained and pulled the hood of the robe over Scarlet’s red-haired head. The girl nodded. Elize gestured to follow her and soon both girls were walking through the dark hallways while clicking with their heels against the marble floors. A small group of three maids passed near them. Perhaps they had a night shift or just couldn’t sleep. Scarlet could feel their stares as they walked through. She heard them chatting and giggling. Her cheeks flushed red under the black hood of her robes.

Soon they reached a pair of strong and heavy doors. They were made out of very dark wood and decorated in lots of sculpted details.

“Wait here. Mistress will invite you soon.”

“A-are you going to leave me here… uh.. maam?

“Yes. Please wait here patiently.”

She replied with a shadow of a calming smile before turning back and walking away. Scarlet was left alone in the silent and empty hallway of the giant mansion. She felt both stress and excitement looking at the heavy door in front of her. Under the silk cape she was completely dolled up for her Mistress. Just for tonight. From high heels, through fishnet stockings to her smooth, hairless and exposed pussy. Her cute red pigtails were cascading from under the hood on both sides of her head. Her delicate hair was brushing her jaw as she looked at the floor. She closed her eyes for a moment to calm herself down.

The massive wooden door in front of her creaked as they were slowly pushed open from the inside. A tall woman dressed in a bathing robe appeared in the widening gap between them. Scarlet recognized her immediately. Even though she met her only once, a month ago, she would never forget the woman that took her arms away. Those straight black hair falling down her head and a pair of purple eyes staring right at her. It was Olivia! The Mistress! The single most important person in this mansion. Scarlet swallowed nervously.

“Scarlet. How nice it is to see you. Please, come in.”

She said warmly and pushed the doors a bit more inviting her inside. The armless girl looked up to see her face but quickly got embarrassed and moved it back down to hide it under her silk hood. Her heels clicked against the floor as she stepped inside. She heard the doors being closed and then locked behind them.

Scarlet froze in the middle of the room. It was quite spacious. There was a large decorated window on the right, and a desk along with a huge shelf full of books on the left. She could see another pair of doors leading deeper into the quarters. And then in the middle there was a huge canopy bed with thick detailed columns. The room was rather dark, filled with classy decorated furniture made out of dark wood.

Scarlet heard the barefoot steps behind as Olivia circled around her until she stopped in front of her. The woman was still a bit taller than her even with Red’s high heels. She reached under her chin and pushed her head higher to meet her purple eyes. Scarlet tried to avoid her stare for a moment but finally she locked her vision with hers.

“I heard you are adjusting quite well, Scarlet. And I believe that hard working maids do deserve a treat from time to time.”

Fingers moved down from her chin and she felt a soft pull. The laces holding her silk cape loosened and the delicate material slid down brushing against her smooth shoulders. It landed on the carpet exposing her practically nude body. The feeling of humiliation hit her like a ton of bricks. She closed her thighs together which only complimented how futile any attempt on modesty now was.

“Oh don’t be embarrassed, my love. You look absolutely beautiful.”

She placed her hands on both sides of Scarlet’s face. Olivia leaned over pulling her closer until their lips met in a long and warm kiss. Scarlet twitched her shoulders awkwardly until they finally fell limp. She was oddly.. ok with this. The heat within her already started to reignite.

“Now tell me Scarlet – do you miss your arms? Do you miss being fully capable? To work with them just as all others do? To be normal?”

Olivia suddenly started. But before Scarlet had a chance to think and answer, she leaned closer and started whispering to her ear. Her fingers traveled softly through her inner thigh.

“Or perhaps the answer is not so simple? Perhaps deep down being armless is exciting for you. To be always restrained. Always limited. Always on the mercy of others. Always controlled and dominated. To be completely helpless. Forever.”

She finished teasing her and straightened back up, breaking the physical contact. Scarlet sighed from arousal and disappointment. She thought that the answer was simple. She wanted her arms. She needed them. But something screamed otherwise deep in her heart. She was frustrated but excited. That feeling was growing stronger each day even when she was trying to ignore it. And it all led to now. She couldn’t lie to herself anymore. She loved being helpless. Being submissive. Being just a sexy maid, an object of desire existing for servitude. Olivia’s words rippled through her whole being and a strong doubt in her initial answer grew stronger. Finally the Mistress spoke again.

“Perhaps tasting the fruits of your hard work will help you decide my Dear Scarlet.”

She pulled her robe open exposing her perky breasts. They would be smaller than Scarlet’s if not for the fact that her’s were now stored in the portal fabric of her top, making her completely flat. Armless girl looked at the woman with desire. There was no fear or worry this time. She just wanted her. Olivia continued disrobing herself in front of her, sliding the fabric lower and lower until she pulled it down past her waist and threw it on the ground. Scarlet’s eyes widened in shock as she looked down. Between Olivia’s legs a huge cock was slowly raising up.

“Wait.. what? But..”

“Surprising, I know. I hope it’s not an issue my Dear..”

“Uh, no… I… I like it..”

She answered truthfully with a burning red face.

“You like it what?”

Scarlet didn’t understand for a moment, but quickly got the suggestion.

“I like it… Mistress.”

“Good girl..”

She petted her head with a smile.

“Well? Why don’t you take a closer look?.”

Olivia pushed her head a little. Scarlet looked at her and back on the sizable appendage before she slowly went down on her knees. The plug inside her butt shifted again causing her to groan. Finally she was down on the carpet, kneeling in front of the tall woman. Scarlet stared at the penis twitching right in front of her face. It was merely inches away. She hesitated at first but finally leaned forward and licked the side of the cock until her cheek met Olivia’s thigh. The shaft was slowly getting harder and raising higher, pressing against her other cheek.. She wanted to grab it and stroke it, to make it nice and stiff as she usually does, but she just…  couldn’t. It was both frustrating and extremely arousing. She was forced to depend solely on her mouth. Finally she leaned forward and took the head between her brightly red lips.

As it turned out it was hard to pleasure a cock without using her hands. It was slipping away, slapping her in the face at any occasion. Every time she let it out of her mouth she had to follow its tip with her head and take it back in. She quickly learned that starting from the side and licking her way back to the tip was the best method for aiming it back in. She pressed her cheek against her Mistress’s thigh and kissed the hardening flesh lovingly. She could smell and taste the musky scent of arousal from her Mistress as the cock became fully erect against her lips.

She looked up submissively and saw Olivia looking back at her with a smile. But there was no shame left in Scarlet at this moment. She wanted it. Without breaking eye contact she leaned forward and took more of its length. It was both hot and awkward as she couldn’t support herself against Olivia’s hips with her arms. Her naked shoulders were brushing against the woman’s legs from time to time as she was dancing with her head and torso. Her head started bobbing rhythmically,  gaining speed and finesse. She wanted to make Olivia cum, to feel her harden in her throat.

Olivia placed her hand on the maid’s head as the red pig tails were jumping back and forth from the movement. She didn’t do anything. Didn’t push her nor pull her away. She just kept it there guiding her towards her cock. Her hips soon joined the movement and the wet sounds of sloppy blowjob filled the room. Scarlet’s saliva mixed with precum was dripping from her chin as her lipstick left visible marks around the throbbing hardness. The red dye was smeared in a few places as the head was missing her mouth sometimes. She looked so messy and sexy as she was taking a moment to breathe. She was surprisingly into it and the growing wetness between her legs was proof of that.

“Do you like serving me Scarlet?”

Maid looked at the tool in front of her with desire.

“Yes… I do.”

She leaned closer again. But Olivia grabbed her manhood and slapped Scarlet in the cheek with it in a slightly aggressive manner. This act of domination sent a shiver of excitement and arousal through the girl’s whole body. She was owned. And she absolutely loved it. Scarlet looked at her with questioning eyes but quickly realized her obvious mistake.

“Yes Mistress! Can I… go on?”

“Good girl. But that won’t be necessary.”

She tugged the collar on Scarlet’s neck pulling her back up.

“I believe that you deserve a treat yourself. Don’t you agree? You were working very hard this past month.”

Scarlet rubbed her thighs together. A full month without any stimulation left her incredibly sexually frustrated so those were the exact words she wanted to hear.

“Y-yes Mistress! Thank you!”

Olivia started walking towards the bed while still pulling the maid by the collar to follow. She sat on the edge of the mattress and placed her hands on the girl’s hips. She slid them down groping her thighs, caressing her skin, then moving to the front. Her fingers were brushing her body. Her tummy, her legs, her waist, slowly getting closer and closer to her delicate feminine parts but never reaching. Oh how she wished she could feel those fingers finding their way between her folds. But every time she thought they might they were pulled back away. It was a torment! The wetness was slowly traveling through her inner thigh as she was waiting for any kind of direct stimulation.

“Do you want me to touch you?”

Asked Olivia like it wasn’t obvious. Of course she wanted her to touch her!

“Yes Mistress, please! I can’t anymore…”

Olivia didn’t answer. She simply smiled as Scarlet felt her whole hand grabbing her wet pussy in a firm grip. Her sudden assertive grab was so amazing that the girl moaned in surprise.

“Ah.. yes….”

She panted. The hand moved up spreading the wetness from between her lips on her whole excited crotch. Mistress’s fingers began to massage her labia and clit. Delicately at first, then a little harder, and then calmly again. She knew what she was doing. And Scarlet loved every second of it. She started moving her hips trying to bring herself closer to the release. Suddenly the hand stopped and was pulled away. Scarlet whimpered in disappointment.

Olivia leaned back and supported herself with her elbows. Her whole front presented to the maid in all its glory. Her breasts, her long slender stomach and waist down to her cock still covered in Scarlet’s red lipstick.

“Come. Climb on top of me darling.”

She ordered in the most gentle way.

Scarlet couldn’t take her eyes away from the beautiful view in front of her. Especially the standing beauty between her Mistress’s legs. She stepped closer and trying her best to keep her balance she clumsily climbed on top of the woman. She was on the mattress with her knees placed on both sides of Olivia’s waist. Droplets of her juices were dripping on the throbbing cock right below her. She was just inches away from it and practically felt the heat of arousal coming from it. She wanted to lower herself on it so much! But… she knew that it had to be her Mistress decision. She understood her place better now and she realized how much she was missing in her sexual life! Being so controlled and restrained. Nothing could ever compare.

Olivia noticed how her new plaything is patiently waiting above her, waiting to get permission. She smiled and placed her hands on her thighs.

“Go ahead. Take it.”

“Thank you… Mistress.”

She almost whispered. Scarlet started to lower herself down. Slowly and carefully, trying to find the glorious manhood underneath. Suddenly it’s head brushed between her buttcheeks touching the diamond of her plug. She adjusted her position and it slid against her wet pussy lips. She shivered from the sensation. She tried again but it slipped past her lips once more ending in front of her crotch. She was so frustrated she couldn’t just guide it without her arms. But it added a whole other level of excitement as well. Finally the third time she felt it pressing firmly between her folds. She lowered herself a bit more, slowly but steadily, feeling as its head was spreading her lips and finally… the tip went in. And it felt amazing. Awarding. She closed her eyes enjoying the sensation of being slowly penetrated by its hardness. Inch after inch she was taking more of its length, which seemed almost endless, until just before she thought she couldn’t take any more, her cheeks rested on her Mistress’s hips. She moaned from pleasure when the cock twitched inside her. Just that brought her quite close to the edge.

“You are such a beautiful thing my dear. And I can make you even better.”

She complimented her before adding a cryptic comment. Her hands traveled up her thighs, through her waist until they reached the weird sports bra that made her moderate breasts disappear earlier. She placed her fingers on Scarlet’s completely flat chest before sliding them under the fabric and slowly pulling it up. She felt the breeze of air touching the skin of her chest once more. Her breasts were slowly falling out of the mysterious bra. Soft round orbs were slowly squeezing out of the tight portal top. Olivia was slowly pulling the bra up until she took it off through her head. Scarlet felt as if some alien weight was pulling her down all of the sudden. She looked down and gasped in shock. She was afraid that the mysterious bra would make her chest disappear, just like her arms. She was wrong. Her breasts were now massive! They must have been at least two or even three times bigger than before! Heavy soft orbs with big perky nipples begging for attention. She felt their mass. She felt as they shifted on her chest with every rapid breath. She felt the friction as they were pressing on each other. She felt the cold breeze of air on her soft skin as they were still covered in some weird wetness from the portal. This also made them so oily and shiny. She looked at them with both shock and desire. She wanted to touch them. To weigh them. To play with them. But she couldn’t. Her shoulders twitched in frustration once again.

“M-my breasts! H-how?!”

She squealed in shock at the sight of the fat orbs attached to her now. She could barely see her legs from behind her expanded boobs. So the portal in the bra did have its effect… Just the opposite one to the one she was afraid of. Instead of disappearing her breasts it enlarged them considerably. Each of her tits was almost the size of her head! Olivia pinched one of her nipples and squeezed it between her fingers pulling it playfully. Scarlet moaned from the sensation. It’s been so long since she got such attention.

“Oh they turned out lovely! Even better than expected! And slightly bigger than expected too. But I’m sure you’re not going to complain are you?  And it was barely an hour of the portal affecting you, impressive!”

Olivia squeezed Scarlet’s breasts and began to massage and weigh them in her hands. Scarlet closed her eyes enjoying the sensible touch until finally asking:

“Is this… permanent?”

Scarlet looked down at her huge boobs as they were being squeezed and played with. She wiggled her armless shoulders wishing she could touch them herself. But she could only watch her Mistress playing.

“They will never revert to their original size on their own if that’s what you are asking. Unless I wish otherwise of course, but that’s unlikely.”

Olivia replied not caring about her maid’s opinion on the matter. Scarlet’s breasts were no longer hers it seemed.

“But… aaaaangh!”

A cock fully buried in the depths of her pussy twitched once more, reminding of its existence. Scarlet moaned in pleasure. She pulled herself up against the gravity and went back down taking all of its thickness from the tip to the base. Her huge breasts were waving and bouncing as she started fucking her Mistress. She was getting closer with each thrust. Her breasts were once again grabbed and her nipples sucked and played with in a masterful way. Scarlet was screaming and moaning in pleasure as she was bringing both herself and her Mistress to the edge. And finally… the orgasmic explosion rippled through her being. Her body spasmed as she experienced the long awaited release. The cock inside her stiffened even more and started to erupt the strings of lava hot cum to her insides. The thick white semen started to flood from her pussy as she was being filled to the brim. Exhausted she leaned forward and layed on her Mistress’s chest pressing her massive tits against hers wishing she could hug her with her non-existent arms. She panted heavily as the drops of sweat dripped down her skin. After so much emotions, intimacy and pleasure Scarlet soon fell asleep with the softening cock still buried deep between her legs. A satisfied smile decorated her resting face.

“You make such a beautiful plaything Red. I hope I’ll be able to keep you.”

Olivia said even though she could no longer hear her.