Scarlet’s Duty

Chapter 6 – The Ball

[Warning! This chapter includes a small fragment that depicts a light rape attempt. Please be wary if you are sensitive to such themes!]

Scarlet groggily opened her eyes. She was in bed with silky sheets. Her Mistress’s bedroom! Oh… so she was calling her “Mistress” in her thoughts as well now… Great. She tried to remember what happened last night and the images of her pure lust and submission quickly flooded her head. Her face turned completely red as she realized what happened. But it was so… good. She shook her head. Surely she wasn’t ok with that, right? She changed her position to look around the room and quickly got reminded about another thing from last night. Her huge enlarged breasts were still bouncing on her chest. And from what the Mistress said – they were here to stay… She made an attempt to sit up but with her massive boobs and a complete lack of arms it became even more challenging than before. When she finally succeeded a voice sounded somewhere in the room..

“Good morning Scarlet. I hope you slept well. I allowed myself to order us some tea.”

“Uh. Thank you… Mistress.”

Scarlet looked at the woman. She was beautiful as always. Her silk robe was falling down her shoulders showing the shape of her body along the way. Her nipples slightly poked through the delicate and thin fabric. Her front loosey open, showing her cleavage and the cock resting between her moving thighs. She sat on the edge of the bed and Scarlet could see her manhood twitching under her robe.

“Ah I love how this thing shows my excitement. But I feel like being a bit more womanly today.”

She said more to herself than to the armless girl sitting nearby. She pulled a cabinet drawer open and took out a metal looking ring from it. It was about the size of her palm, a little larger than that and more egg shaped. She squeezed it and an odd blue glow appeared inside. She moved it between her legs and slowly slid her half erect cock inside. She moaned slightly as she pushed it firmly against her crotch. After holding it there for a moment she finally pulled it away. What was that about? She stood back up and placed the ring back in the drawer. When she turned back towards the bed Scarlet was unable to stop herself from looking in the gap of her robe. She opened her mouth in shock. Olivia’s cock was no longer there! What she saw between her legs instead was a flat surface with labia lips below. Olivia swapped her cock for a vagina. But how? Was this portal something that does specifically that? Or maybe… Just maybe… It was a reverse portal? Maybe there was a way to reverse all her changes after all? Scarlet’s thoughts were interrupted with a knocking to the door.

“Yes, come in!”

“Good morning Mistress. You ordered tea.”

It was Elize! She entered the room with two cups of the steamy beverage on a silver platter. She placed it on the nearby table and glanced over Scarlet. The maid realized she was sitting in bed completely naked and with no way of covering herself or pulling up the sheets without her arms. She felt so embarrassed to be seen like that by Elize. But the butler girl didn’t react in any meaningful way. She clearly saw how much her chest had changed but after doing her duty of bringing the tea she simply turned away and walked out of the room.

“Thank you Elize.”

Olivia said before the doors closed. She took one of the cups and placed it on the cabinet near the bed. There was a straw in it. Scarlet noticed something else near the cabinet as well. A safe! Could it be? The code she found earlier in the library. Could it be for this? And if yes then is it possible that it contains what she needs for the mission?! There’s no way she would be so lucky right? It appears that there will be only one way to find out. But it will have to wait for the right moment.

She both loved last night and hated herself for giving in so completely. Part of her felt shame. But the other part… wanted more. Submitting herself to someone. Giving them complete control not only over her actions but her body as well. Being limited, restrained, transformed into a helpless sexy servant. It was so amazing, so appealing. But… she couldn’t stay that way. There’s no way right? She had to at least try going back to her normal life. Being armless was awful obviously! But was it really how she felt?

She was so confused.


The next week went rather fast. She had a little less heavy duties this time so she could relax a bit more. After she left Mistress’s chambers Elize helped her with hygiene and found a new armless uniform for her to match the new… size. She still couldn’t get used to the massive breasts on her chest. Even with the new dress her cleavage was overfilling the top and showing a lot of skin. Their weight was waving and bouncing with every move so they were impossible to ignore. On top of it all they were getting in a way almost constantly. Every time she had to use her mouth to do something (which without upper limbs was a lot) she was forced to lean even more forward just to avoid knocking something off with her chest. It was so annoying! Just as her armlessness. But at the same time she wished she could squeeze and play with them so much! They were right in front of her, attached to her chest at all times. But at the same time unreachable. Oh if only her Mistress could play with them again… No! She shouldn’t think that way!

Day after day passed by. Scarlet was getting quite proficient in walking in those enhanced high heels she got. She was one of the few maids that were specifically chosen to train their feet. Apparently it was required for the upcoming ball. At least that’s what Elize told them. This was also a perfect opportunity for Scarlet to sneak into Mistress’s chambers and break into the safe! Just a little bit more!

During the week she experienced a lot of different reactions from other maids due to her new enhanced bust. Some were giving her looks of pity, some of desire, and others of jealousy even. She was chosen by the Mistress for this “upgrade”. It could be a blessing or a curse but all of the maids could probably agree that in both cases it was a privilege first of all. Scarlet realized that her changed body was not a common view even for a long term maids. Why was Olivia treating her so special? Was it good? Or perhaps malicious in nature. She had no way of knowing. The one most excited about her new chest pillows was definitely Zoey. She gasped in excitement the moment she noticed her new soft ballast. As expected she started to molest her during their baths even more now. Not an unwelcome treatment but also a rather embarrassing and frustrating one. At least she was getting some amount of pleasure and touch that way…

Friday noon, right after dinner Elize gathered all of the maids chosen for the ball duty, including Scarlet. There were exactly ten of them. The butler girl ordered them to form a line before stepping in front of it.

“The Ball starts in a few hours. I hope you were wearing your training heels regularly this past month because I do expect the best out of you.”

All of the girls nodded.

“Great. Now let me explain your role for tomorrow in a little bit more detail. Let me add that Mistress chose all of you personally so you should feel honored. You will be serving as waitresses during the party. Specifically for drinks and appetizers. Don’t worry, there won’t be anything complicated to remember for you. All you have to do is walk around and look pretty.”

She paused and checked if she still had everyone’s attention before continuing.

“Mistress was very specific about the outfits she wanted for all of you. There might be some discomfort but I believe that most of you will find some degree of enjoyment with them as well. Do you have any questions?”

Elize finished her explanation and gave them the room. Scarlet wanted to ask about those outfits but one of the maids was faster.

“What our uniforms are going to look like, Miss?”

“You are going to find out in just a moment so I will not spoil the surprise. Any other questions?”

There was silence. A few girls were stuck with thinking expressions but in the end no one came up with anything.

“Great! Please follow me in the line.”

The girls obeyed and the sound of multiple heels clacking against the stone floors sounded through the halls. Scarlet ended up at the very end of the line somehow. Whenever it was a good or a bad thing she was yet to find out. She was somehow excited even though she knew she shouldn’t embrace this. Soon they reached the room Elize was guiding them to. She went inside with the first of the maids in line and ordered the others to wait.

Minutes were passing by. Finally the doors opened and she invited the second girl. One after the other they were slowly disappearing behind the doors. It took almost two hours until the order finally reached Scarlet. She was already exhausted from the waiting but the curiosity was even more unbearable than that. She stepped inside and Elize closed the doors behind her.

The room was clearly designed for the exact purpose of preparing the staff before entering the main dining hall. Scarlet could only guess that on the mirrored side was the kitchen. The room was full of wardrobes, shelves, hangers and mirrors.

“Please sit here.”

Elize pointed to a stool with an elegant and soft red padding. Scarlet followed the instruction and sat down. Her bare cheeks felt the soft fabric of the cushions.

“Remove the shoes and stockings.”

She ordered and reached for a familiar remote. While Scarlet was removing her shoes and struggling to remove her overknees, she pressed the right buttons and the maid outfit became loose as the corset unfastened itself. Elize pulled the dress over her head and her huge breasts bounced free as she was now completely naked. Surprisingly she didn’t feel as exposed as she did before in such situations. Was she getting used to it?

Elize took out a box from a nearby shelf and placed it in front of her before pulling out its contents. Scarlet saw what looked like a pair of boots. They were long, almost reaching someone’s knees. Made out of fine white leather, with golden rings for the black laces. But they were different from any other footwear she ever saw. Their front was a completely straight line. There was no bend for the fingers at all. They appeared to be in the shape of the feet of a dancing ballerina. Completely straight, forcing the wearer to stand on the very tips of their toes. And to ensure this extreme position was held their soles were equipped with a hard golden heel.

“Miss Elize, aren’t those a little… too much.”

Scarlet gulped nervously while the butler girl kneeled in front of her and began quiding her foot inside the extreme fetish shoe.

“This is what Mistress wanted. My opinion doesn’t matter. As well as yours.”

She replied coldly.

“But I’m sure you will manage, I believe in you Scarlet.”

She added surprisingly warm encouragement.

Soon she was finishing her second leg already. Scarlet felt the shoes sealing her feet in their leather embrace. They were very tight but somehow felt rather comfortable. The size was chosen perfectly for her as could be expected from the perfect butler such as Elize.

“Can you feel any discomfort?”

Scarlet moved her legs a little bit. Her ankles were very stiff and she could barely move them, but given the position of her feet that she will be forced to keep it was probably a good thing. With that being said she couldn’t really complain about the boots being the wrong fit.

“No… no I don’t think so.”

“Great. Now try to stand up please.”

Scarlet swallowed nervously. She looked at the extreme boots and considered how she should approach this. After placing the tips of her toes she tried to push herself up but quickly lost balance and fell back on the seat. The fetish boots were hard enough to stand in even in normal conditions. Without any arms to support and balance herself it was even harder! Elize didn’t seem to plan to help her in any way. At least not yet. Scarlet tried again, and again. Finally she was able to hesitantly stand on her own and slowly straighten herself up. Her legs were already shaking from the challenge. She realized that the heels were giving her some considerable boost in height. She was forced to stand on the tips of her toes like a fetish ballerina. Even when she wanted to relax her feet and move them for a more natural position for even a moment, the metal heels and the boot shape itself prevented it from ever happening.

“Very good. You will have about 2 hours to practice before the guests arrive. Please follow.”

Elize said and went a bit deeper into the room. She opened one of the drawers and started browsing it. Scarlet made a hesitant step and was able to keep her balance for now. It wasn’t easy though. Click after click she slowly stepped towards the butler. She realized that she was only able to take small steps, otherwise she would surely fall. She already wanted to escape the hellish heels but there was no way of doing so. Olivia would probably punish her if she denied her duty. And if she wouldn’t there was no escape from those heels without her arms. She was stuck in them for as long as she will be ordered to. She was really scared that she would trip and fall. But she was also… excited? Being forced to walk in those fetish ballet heels, not by her own choice or comfort, but only to visually please others. To be a sexy servant, a plaything, an eye candy. She realized that she might be getting a little bit too excited even because she started to feel rather moist down there…

“And now for your accessories.”

Elize showed her something shiny. It was made out of smooth round polished gold with a puffy white sphere attached. Scarlet quickly recognized the item and blushed. It was a golden metal anal plug with a big bunny tail on the other end.

“You can probably guess tonight’s theme for your outfits.”

Scarlet cheeks flushed red thinking about walking through people with her ass plugged up. The butler girl took out a bottle of lubricant and began to smear the thick gel over the egg shape of the toy.

“Bend over please.”

Scarlet obediently turned around on her tippy toes and leaned forward trying her best not to lose her balance. Fingers covered in the slippery substance slid between her cheeks and started massaging her asshole. She started to breathe heavily in anticipation. Her huge chest was waving in rhythm each time she exhaled. Finally the cold and wet metal kissed the ring of her anus. Elize began to push the round shape forward very slowly. Scarlet felt as her ass was stretching more and more as the plug went in until finally contracting on its thin base. The toy locked itself inside firmly, giving her a cute puffy bunny tail.

“Nhhh.. aa…”

Scarlet let out a tiny moan. After the plug got inserted it was time for a corset. It was the same style as the ballet boots – white leather, golden metal inserts and black laces. Elize made sure to fit it tightly around her waist.

“Perfect. Time for the most important part.”

Elize said and pulled out the next piece of equipment. It was a gold collar with a slightly bent metal bar attached to the front. The bar was apparently going to be placed against the center of her chest and support the gold tray attached to it in the ninety degree angle. So that’s how they were going to “serve” the guests!

The butler placed the collar around Scarlet’s neck and closed it with a loud clicky sound locking it in place. It felt very cold against her skin. As well as the bar pressed against her chest and held firmly in place between her generous bust. Her nipples stood proudly above the tray which rested on her belly. Whatever she’ll be serving will be barely inches away from her huge naked tits. It must have been intentional.

“Any questions before we get to the last piece?”

“Um… how long is the shift?”

“About three hours. After that you will get a two hour break and go back to work until the last of the guests leaves.”

“Understood. Um.. Thank you Madam.”

Elize went behind her and worked on Scarlet’s long crimson hair. She combed them thoroughly and formed a high snug ponytail bouncing with every move of her head.

“Feel free to seek me in the kitchen in case you encounter any problems. Guests are allowed to touch you during your services in case you were wondering.”

She nodded slowly. Scarlet was expecting that it could be the case. She was both worried and excited about the premise of being casually teased by all those people. She felt comfortable being naked in front of Elize since it wasn’t the first time, but going out there serving guests… it was going to be something completely different.

“Now go over there. You will find the other girls in the main hall. I will join you soon.”

She pointed at the exit from the changing room. Scarlet made a few hesitant short steps towards the destination but each of them was still a challenge for her. Slowly, one foot after the other she reached the main hall. The room was huge and very impressive. Wooden sculptures decorated the walls. Long columns were holding a white round dome of the ceiling. The floor was black and white marble carefully cut to multiple shapes and patterns. The high pitch of her heels echoed in this huge empty space.

Scarlet saw the other maids near one of the walls and decided to slowly walk towards them. The ballet heels proved to be a huge challenge but she already felt the progress. Her legs were shaking from barely standing in them before. Now she was able to make step after step more and more confidently. She was still tripping from time to time but was able to keep her balance. And it was not an easy task for someone without any arms to balance themselves. But it didn’t stop her reflexes from desperately shaking her empty shoulders anyway.


More than an hour has passed. She mostly figured out how to walk in those fetish boots at this point. The time passed by quickly with other maids as they could chat, share tips and train together. Her new heavy bust got a lot of attention and comments in the meanwhile since now it was so tastefully exposed for everyone to see. It wasn’t really unpleasant but definitely made her feel even more exposed. It’s not like she was able to hide or cover them in any way without her arms. But what most maids were focusing on were their new heels. Some were actually handling their new footwear worse than Scarlet, while others were basically pro’s and could probably dance in those heels already. Clearly not their first time serving.

Elize showed herself again moments before the first guests arrived. She approached their group with a mysterious box in her hands. She placed it on the nearby table and started explaining.

“Guests will start appearing soon. All you have to do tonight is walk between them and serve them the prepared drinks and appetizers. If you see that one of you is handling a particular group of guests then find an area that needs more attention. If your tray has less than two things on it then return to the kitchen. Any questions?”

The maids looked at each other. Everything sounded rather simple. There was no question from any of them.

“Great. There’s also one more detail about your outfits tonight. Scarlet – since you were the last in line for the fitting – how about you will be the first this time?”

Scarlet felt the eyes of all other maids on her.

“Uh… Yes Ma’am.”

She stepped forward. Elize pulled out something from the box she brought with her. It looked like a mask. It had very long bunny ears attached on top of it too. Finally Scarlet could see some more details. It was a white mask with the face of a rabbit. The insides of the ears and certain details were golden while the eye slits had a black outline. It was very Victorian with its style in a way. The mask had head harness straps attached to it.

“Turn around please.”

Scarlet turned herself around obediently. Now she was facing the other maids like a presentation piece. Elize brought the mask in front of her face. She pushed it closer and Scarlet felt something smooth and rubbery pressing against her lips. It was an internal gag integrated into the mask! It was a surprise but she obediently parted her mouth letting the rubber ball slip inside. It was rather big and filled out her mouth completely. The mask got pressed against her face in a snug grip as Elize locked the straps behind her head. She tried to push on the gag with her tongue but the mask didn’t budge even an inch. Without her arms she couldn’t even dream of taking it off. The straps were completely out of the reach from her smooth empty shoulders. She was stuck in it for the time being. She also realized the true purpose for those masks.They were not merely a decoration. They were also meant to strip them out of their personality, their faces. They were just servants, faceless drones for someone else’s amusement. There was no need for their individuality or expressions.

Scarlet swallowed the saliva gathering in her rubber filled mouth. She was standing there completely naked, wearing nothing but a gagged mask, sexy corset, collar with a tray and a pair of fetish heels she could barely walk in. On top of her body being completely exposed she was wearing a plug that was very apparent for everyone to see. None of those things she would be able to take off alone. She was an object of desire. A servant stripped of her expression. A slut that was actually enjoying all this. Her breathing quickened as she got a little excited from her thoughts.

Soon other maids followed her fate and were equipped with the same kind of masks. Each of them had an identical bunny face. Once they were ready Elize guided them to the kitchen where their trays started to be filled with their content. Scarlet watched as the glasses were carefully placed on the golden surface right underneath her enlarged breasts. She had to push her chest forward slightly to keep the trace perfectly flat and not let anything slide off. The design of the tray alone was forcing her to present her chest proudly.

“Very good. Remember to keep it straight all the time.”

Elize reminded and pinched her exposed nipple before placing a glass under it.


Scarlet let out a muffled yelp. Elize was giving her a small taste of what’s to come. And soon she was going to find out for herself as all of them began to leave the kitchen. Scarlet watched the glasses behind her boobs very closely. She tried her best not to let them fall and break. Her legs were still a little shaky in those heels and she could hear the clingy sound of glass against metal alarming her if she was not smooth enough with her movements. She clenched her butt around the plug and gave her best to walk towards the main hall.

The hall was already filling up with guests. The room became quite crowded during the short time they spent in the kitchen. Scarlet as well as other maids slowly stepped towards the elegant looking groups of people. Scarlet’s cheeks were burning with embarrassment as she was marching between the fashionable guests while being practically naked. At least her embarrassed face couldn’t be seen through the gag mask.

“Oh Howard look! It’s one of those maids!”

Some lady pulled the arm of her husband to bring his attention. She took two drinks from her tray and they both taxed her body with curiosity, focusing mostly on her huge tits and bare shoulders.

“Thank you dear. You are very pretty.”

Scarlet couldn’t really reply in any way. She thought she could maybe do a little grateful bow but with the ballet heels it was impossible to do and keep all the glasses on her tray. In the end she decided to nod and move forward. She really wished she could just hold the tray in her hands instead of carefully balancing it on her torso. Instead she had to shove her chest towards the guests that decided they wanted the drink.

“Oh look, the one with the red hair has huge tits!”

She heard some young looking men near her.

“Oh, damn you’re right!”

Said his friend as they came closer. He took the glass from her tray and took a sip before he groped her right breast with his hand.

“What’s your name honey?”

Scarlet was unable to speak nor stop him so she just shook her head silently.

“Looks like she can’t talk. But how about I’ll make you moan, hm?”

He kept his hand on her breast and slid the edge of the cold glass through her inner thigh which sent the shivers down her spine.

“Let her go, Will. Lady Olivia doesn’t like getting too friendly with her maids, remember?”

“Ugh… I know. A small tease won’t harm anyone though, right?. At least let me feel her up one more time.”

He said and squeezed her breasts together watching with desire as the soft flesh molded to his hands. After that he finally stepped to the side and let her go.

“Go on honey. I hope you didn’t mind our little interaction.”

Scarlet didn’t know how to react. It didn’t seem like he meant to do her any harm. And his teasing was… not unpleasant. She shook her head in response.

“Great! Now don’t let me stop you red cutie.”

She left the two young men and continued to walk between the guests. She heard all sorts of comments as she was serving the drinks. People seemed really curious about an armless bondage servant like her. She could feel the gazes from each direction. Some were subtle, some were not hiding themselves at all. At some point she approached a group of elegant women chatting about something.

“Oh, the drinks are here! Thank you darling.”

One of them brought the attention of the group to the approaching maid.

“Honey, your back must be killing you. What cup are those?”

The other woman asked. Scarlet couldn’t respond with her gagged mouth behind the mask.

“Oh you can’t talk, I almost forgot.”

“Do you think those are natural?”

Another woman groped Scarlet’s right breast all of the sudden. Scarlet closed her eyes and patiently let her do that.

“I think they are! Unless Lady Olivia had to do something with it.”

“And look at those shoulders! They really are all completely armless!”

The first woman placed her hand on Scarlet’s empty shoulder and brushed her fingers over it down through her former armpit. Scarlet felt so awkward as the women examined her. Her unwillingly modified body became the center of their attention.

“And there’s not even a scar. It’s just so smooth. Must be… weird.”

“Can you imagine being one of those maids?”

“That sure would be an interesting experience. But I don’t think I want to lose my arms, you know?”

“Well obviously! But look how sexy she looks! Such a helpless eye candy. Makes one wonder how it feels…”

One of the women from the group started daydreaming.

“Why don’t you join the Lady Olivia staff then Miriam?! I heard she is still hiring hahaha!

“Stop it! I’m just curious, that’s all…”

She got embarrassed while the others started to giggle and make fun of her. Scarlet decided that it was a good moment for her escape and she left the group alone. She continued to serve guests all over the hall. Some behaved like she didn’t even exist while others treated her like an exotic animal. People were touching her empty shoulders curiously, groping her breasts, brushing her thighs, sometimes even patting her butt on her way forward. And all she could do was silently endure it all.

The end of the shift was slowly getting near when a man in his thirties approached. She was tipping in her ballet heels near one of the columns when he blocked her way.

“Well aren’t you something. I had an eye on you sweetie.”

He picked up the four remaining glasses from her tray and placed it on the corner of the nearby table. He grabbed her waist and pulled her towards himself now that the glasses weren’t any concern. The fetish heels made her lose her balance and she fell right on him.

“You really coughed my eye. Those ruby red hair. Those huge tits.
 You definitely are the sexiest of them all.”

Scarlet looked up. His face was filled with lust and desire. Like he just found a toy he really wanted. As much as she learned to love the teasing and grabbing from other guests, this was going a little bit too far for her. He spun her around and grabbed her from behind. Her bunny tail plug pressed against his crotch. She felt his hands travel from her waist up to her shoulders.

“Those smooth armless shoulders… A truly perfect helpless toy you are. It must be hard to be so dependent on others. Especially with pleasure.”

Even if his words were true she still didn’t like where this was going. His foot slid between her heels and pushed her leg to the side. His hand slid between her spread thighs and he started to kiss her neck. She shook her torso from side to side uselessly.

“Mmmmmlgf! Mmfff!”

She let out a muffled protest but the gag and the mask muted it almost completely. Noone could hear her. Without her arms she was unable to push herself away from him and in her heels there was no way she could run.

“Hello Martin. Perhaps you can explain what you are doing to MY maid here?”

A cold womanly voice came from behind. The man froze in place and the drops of cold sweat covered his face. Scarlet knew that voice, it was the Mistress! He finally let her go which made her lose balance after a few hesitant steps in her ballet boots. She fell on her knees painfully.

“I um… Nothing really. I’m just admiring her beautiful body, nothing more.”

“Just admiring huh? Is that true Scarlet? Was he just an “admirer” of yours?”

Martin looked at her with begging eyes. He knew he messed up. Even if it wasn’t his intention for the maid to feel so threatened. Scarlet looked at him and then back on her mistress. She slowly shook her head.

“Looks like Scarlet doesn’t feel the same way.”

“B-but I thought she liked it! I didn’t mean to!”

Olivia ignored him,  approached the kneeling maid and helped her stand back on her heels.

“Are you ok darling?”

Scarlet nodded.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure that this one learns his lesson.”

She grabbed Martin by his clothes and dragged him along.

“Take a break. I will be seeing you later. And you – follow.”

She said to her before leaving and taking the man with her. Scarlet was left alone and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to execute her plan. Finally! She walked carefully around the guests trying to get as small attention as she could. She could still hear a few comments here and there but they left her alone as soon as they saw that her tray was empty. Soon she reached the changing room and after going through it she was free from the ball. She rushed to Olivia’s chamber as fast as she could in her current footwear.

She finally reached the door. They were big and heavy, made out of solid wood and with… door knobs. No! Why the damn door knobs!? Her mouth was filled with gag and blocked by a bunny mask. She had no arms to just grab and rotate it. Her only hope was grabbing it with her knee joint. But in those heels… she wasn’t sure it was possible. She tried standing on one leg experimentally. She could more or less do it for a second or two. So maybe if she leaned against the wall somehow? She pressed against the surface with her right smooth shoulder and reached the knob with her left leg. She grabbed it firmly and pushed herself forward. She lost her balance and fell but it was close! It took her a few solid minutes and multiple attempts but finally she heard a click and the doors moved! She pushed her foot between them and slipped inside the room. At least she wanted to call it a “slip” but her huge breasts demanded for the doors to be opened a bit wider. But what mattered was that she was inside!

The safe was in the same place she saw it a week ago. She sat on the bed and then slid on her knees. There was no easy way of just going into a kneeling position in those boots. She examined the metal door. Fortunately it was a numeric pad this time! She remembered the code she found in the library. The chance that those were numbers for that specific safe were really low but she just had to at least try!

She raised her leg to the pad and pointed her golden heel to the right number. It was mundane but button after button she was entering the code. 3… 0… 5… she missed that one and tried again, 5… 6! She did it! The safe clicked and its doors pushed themselves open! She couldn’t believe her luck! Perhaps not everything was lost!

“Found anything interesting agent Red?”

Asked a voice behind her.