Scarlet’s Duty

Chapter 7 – Honesty

“Found anything interesting agent Red?”

Scarlet’s – or rather Red’s blood froze. She knew the voice behind her. It was Olivia. What is she going to do? She’s been caught red-handed… so to speak. Even though she didn’t have any hands at the moment. Or even arms. But wait… she called her “Red” didn’t she? Olivia knew who she was? Since when? Has she always known? Since when has she been hiding it then?! Red wanted to reply, to try and come up with some kind of lie but the gag behind her bunny mask was making it impossible.

“I can see your confusion even through this mask. But don’t worry darling, everything will be clear really soon.”

Olivia came closer and kneeled in front of the sitting armless maid that just broke into her safe. She was still wearing the dress from the Ball on the lower level. She gestured towards the safe that just let out the sound of unlocking its doors.

“Go on. Open it. See the truth with your own eyes.”

Was this a trick? Why would she let her see it? Red looked into Olivia’s eyes. She was calm, waiting for her move patiently. Red decided to go for it. It’s not like she had much choice. She slid the heel of her ballet boot into the gap and slowly pushed the small metal doors open. Inside was mostly empty except for some papers. Was that it? The blueprints? The proof she was looking for all this time? She pushed the papers outside the safe and the sheets spread upon the floor. She leaned over and started reading. Her face froze. No. There’s no way. Those weren’t blueprints! Those were…

“Patents. Yes.”

Red jumped nervously when she felt Olivia’s hands on her empty shoulders.

“You see – they lied to you. Your mission was not meant to protect anyone, it was to steal this tech from me. Rob me of my right to use it.”

Olivia  unlocked the straps behind Red’s head and pulled the mask off her face. The gag that was filling her mouth for hours now has finally been removed. A string of drool dripped from her chin. Her jaw ached.

“I… I don’t believe you. It must be a lie…”

“It is not, I assure you.”

“How long… How long have you known?”

Olivia smiled calmly.

“From the very beginning.”

Red felt so humiliated. So confused. Was that the truth? Was her agency, her employer really lying to her? Was she just a thief for hire?

“Why employ me in the first place then?”

“Because I really do like you. I was right thinking that you will make a fine addition to my staff. And I think you feel the same way too deep down.”

“No! Of course not! How do I know if all of this is even a truth? You are just trying to make me doubt my mission!”

Olivia sighed.

“Think about it for just a second. If I just recently “stole” this technology then how is it possible for me to use it for many years now? You met other girls. You know that some of them have served me for a long time. I know DTF Labs very well. They will do anything to place their hands on a desired tech. I know because I worked for them.”

Red started to think. She was right. This house had a whole infrastructure for this portal technology. Most of the maids were here long enough to get used to their armlessness. And the guests on today’s Ball – they were not surprised by her appearance. Most of them seemed to be long time friends with Mistress Olivia. So there was no way that this technology was stolen “recently”. And if that is not true then what reason did she have to still believe her corrupted agency?

“I…What will you do with me then?”

Red realized that she just became a loose end.

“Nothing. Your contract ends in three weeks. After that I will let you go, just as I promised.”

“But why? I have so much information about your house that DTF can use against you, why would you just let me go?”

“Because that was the deal. I am not a liar.”

“And my arms? And… chest?”

“I possess a portal that can revert the changes made by other portals. You already saw that.”

So it was true what Red was assuming. There was a tech that could restore her arms! Olivia continued.

“After that you may leave. You would get your old body back and we would never meet again.”

Somehow those words did not bring joy. Scarlet knew that she should be jumping from happiness on that information but instead all she felt was… disappointment. She would never meet Olivia again. She would never experience this helplessness and humiliation. She would never again experience the same feeling of submission and pleasure. A feeling of being owned and managed. She… would miss that. But that would be insane! She couldn’t just leave her normal life to remain someone’s kinky armless maid!

“Or you can decide to stay and become my maid permanently.”

Her ears perked up and her body straightened in attention. Was it really an option? Should she consider her offer? That would be stupid of her right?

“The decision is yours. But let me tell you a little secret.”

Olivia leaned closer to her ear.

“You are actually my favorite.”

She whispered and stood up. She walked away and stopped at the door.

“See you later Scarlet. I have guests to entertain.”

She said and left.


The next week was a blur for Scarlet. She was doing all her maid duties as ordered but she wasn’t present most of the time. Her mind was occupied mostly by the internal conflict she was experiencing. What she thought was the obvious truth and her purpose here suddenly turned out to be just a blatant lie compromising both her job and the corporation which gave them the mission. She had no reason to go back there. Even if she would, she would just leave her job anyway. But does that mean she should stay here?

She realized that during her time in the mansion she was slowly using her fake name instead of her own more and more. Even in her thoughts she rarely referred to herself as Red anymore. She realized that Scarlet replaced her normal name even in her head. And it felt right for some reason. It was exciting to be Scarlet. To scrub the floors with her feet and then get awarded by her Mistress. To be in her possession. Her helpless state stopped being a torment and became an experience, even if it remained an extreme inconvenience. All that while the name Red became a symbol of naivety and extortion for her the longer she thought about it.

In the meanwhile she got to know the other maids better each passing day. The girls were really friendly. She was able to spend some free time with them too. Especially during the baths. Those were also the moments where her huge new breasts were getting the most attention. Maids loved to tease and touch them, even if they weren’t envious about the extra weight she had to carry. Especially Zoey, who couldn’t miss any opportunity to bury her face in Scarlet’s heavy cleavage.

Another week has passed. Scarlet felt the itch between her legs slowly increasing. Yet she was denied any pleasure from others, and through her lack of arms – from herself as well. Ironically this restriction made her even more aroused, so she tried to focus on her work instead. It worked… most of the time. Some nights she desperately tried to satisfy herself through grinding against her pillow in her room, or using the water stream in her bathroom. Sadly with no much success.

Finally just a week remained until the end of her contract. She started counting days, hours. Saturday afternoon, just after she finished her dinner Elize brought her with her. They went straight to the same room where Scarlet was equipped with the portal maid dress on her first day. Olivia was already inside waiting for her.

“You can leave us Elize, thank you.”

The butler girl got dismissed and Scarlet was left alone with her Mistress. It could be the last time they see each other.

“Your contract ends today at midnight. Have you decided what you would like to do?”

Scarlet looked at the ground for a longer moment until her eyes finally raised and met Olivia’s.

“Yes. I did.”

“And what will it be?”

She paused again. It was the last moment to think this through. The last moment to back out from her decision. But she knew what she wanted. She knew for a long time deep down inside.

“Please let me stay, Mistress.”

The sealing words finally left her mouth.

“Are you certain that this is what you want?”


“You will not get your arms back.”

“I am aware.”

“And even then you want to stay? Even if you would never return to normal?”

“Yes. I want to stay with you Mistress.”

“I was hoping you would say that. So be it.”

Olivia jingled a little bell in her hand and Elize entered the room.

“Elize my dear, please prepare the ink.”

Elize looked at Scarlet and smiled.

“Yes Mistress.”

Scarlet looked at Olivia a little confused.


“Yes. You will feel for yourself really soon. Follow me.”

Scarlet nodded and followed her Mistress. They left the dressing-room and went down the corridor. There were still so many places and doors that Scarlet never explored and didn’t have access to. Soon they reached one of such doors. They were white, the same as the insides. It felt more like a hospital room than a part of the mansion. Elize was already there preparing some kind of small tool by carefully pouring a thick transparent liquid into it.

“This will be a little painful but you will have to go through it only once. This is a special ink that I created. It contains a portal fluid that has a very interesting quality. You see – this fluid is able to nullify the active effect of other portals.”

Scarlet swallowed nervously, slowly understanding where this was going. Olivia continued.

“Your shoulders are going to be tattooed with this ink, sealing their state permanently. If you want to back out from your decision then this is the last moment. Shall we proceed?”

Scarlet knew what she was agreeing to, but even then the theoretical possibility of reversing her armlessness was technically still existing. The ink however would remove that last hope from existence forever. There was no going back after that. She would be armless for the rest of her life.

“Y-yes. Do it.”

“Good girl.”

She was almost surprised by her own words. But she knew they were right. They knew her heart better than her logic.

Elize sat on a rolling stool near her and placed her rubber gloved hands on Scarlet’s bare shoulder. The tattoo machine in her hand started buzzing and she slowly brought it closer to the skin. Scarlet felt the sharp pain as the needles started punching the ink deep into her flesh. She let out a hurtful squeal and clenched her jaw preparing herself for the rest. Inch after inch the whole surface of her empty shoulder was being slowly covered with the invisible ink. After about an hour her right shoulder was finished.

She looked at the smooth surface of her skin. It was a little red and still ached but other than that there was no visible sign of the ink deep into her skin. It was time for her left side. Elize changed her position and started tattooing her other shoulder in the same way. Another hour passed and Scarlet heard the buzzing sound of the tattoo machine ending. She wiggled her armless shoulders. Nothing really felt or looked different other than the remaining pain.

Olivia was still there, patiently waiting for Elize to finish.

“You are now mine Scarlet. There will never be a way back. What do you say we put it to the test?”

She opened a drawer in one of the cabinets and took out a rather large metal ring. It was about a meter in diameter. She pressed a small button on its edge and the thing powered up. A blue portal appeared inside the ring. She moved it over Scarlet’s head.

“Is that… the reverse portal?”

“You guessed it quite right my darling.”

Olivia moved the portal lower. Scarlet could feel an odd cold sensation as her head went through. It moved lower through her neck, shoulders, chest and belly. She felt as if the flesh on her chest was being sculpted and changed. The weight of her bust that she had to bear for those past weeks was suddenly being lifted. She looked down and saw her old, modest chest. Her boobs were back to normal! But her arms weren’t. Her shoulders remained as empty as before. The ink was working, she could no longer reverse her armlessness. Not now, not ever. She was armless permanently. Fate of her arms locked away with no way back. She would never grab or touch anything ever again. She will never be able to touch someone or herself ever again. Any connection to her arms that remained has been completely and permanently severed.

“So how does that feel Scarlet? To be my armless plaything for life?”

Scarlet still couldn’t believe she did this. This was the beginning of her new life filled with duty and pleasure.

“I am yours, I love you Mistress.”

The End?

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